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Fire safety


Behaviour of Fixit Aerogel insulating plaster system when exposed to fire
Fixit Aerogel insulating plaster is heat resistant. Thanks to the use of mineral binders such as hydraulic lime and Aerogel as a lightweight additive, the plaster is non-flammable [Fire index number 6q3 as per VKF, Fire Classification A2-s1-d0 n.EN 13501]. As a result it does not contain environmentally dangerous flame retardants (as found for example in oil based insulating materials). The insulating plaster thereby makes an active contribution to the fire safety of the building.

MPA_Reoprt on the classification of fire characteristics:

Classification of the reaction to fire 855,02 kB


Demonstration: flammability trial in slow motion (2 x 4 minutes) 

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